Sizing and Style 101


sizeapprox. pant sizehip/waist measurements INCHES

Here at Southern Comfort Fitteds, we offer several varieties of cloth diapers.

There are 4 sizes.

Just Born - Fits at about 5lbs to about 15lbs depending on your baby. Approximately from birth to 3 months old. Has 2 different umbilical cord snap down rises. 

Petite - Fits just between the Just Born and Size 1 for that awkward growth spurt stage from 10-18lbs

Size 1 - Fits directly out of the Just Born size at about 12lbs to around 35lbs. Approximately from 3 months old to about 18 months old, depending on your baby.

Size 2 - Fits mid way out of size 1 from about 18 pounds to around 45 pounds. From about 18 months old to around 5 years old depending on your baby.

Both size 1 and 2 have a fold down rise installed for achieving a perfect fit. 

There are 3 finishing styles.

Turned and Topstitched: This style is trimmer in width all the way around than the serged style, but bulkier in fit.

Serged: This style is the widest width all the way around the diaper of the pattern, but trimmer in overall fit.

Comfort Serged: This style is the trimmest and narrowest in the crotch area with a slim fit, a combination of both turned and serged, the best of both styles.

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There are 2 types of cloth diapers we offer.

Hypro: These cloth diapers are sewn with a hidden layer of hardface weatherproof heringbone thick fleece, creating the ultimate leakproof protection from the inside. This is the trimmest diaper. 

True Fitteds: These cloth diapers are sewn with a hidden layer of super heavy 500 GSM organic bamboo fleece creating a 10x absorbent protection layer from the inside of the diaper. Making your entire diaper 100% organic with no synthetics hidden or visible.