SHITTER WAS FULL  Size 1 Serged Windpro/Red CV

SHITTER WAS FULL Size 1 Serged Windpro/Red CV

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All diapers are handcrafted in a rural Texas home studio. Each diaper can last anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on your baby. Our size 2 diaper can fit most 5 year olds. Your diapers are made with a hidden layer of weatherproof windpro which allows for a trim fit and a longer lasting wear. Soaker systems are designed for a maximum absorbency. Care and use instructions will come with your diaper.  Please allow 3-5 days for shipping. Customer service is our number one priority so if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Just Born

-Our "newborn" size. Fits from about 5 pounds to about 12 pounds depending on the baby.

-Has 2 separate umbilical rise snaps, an additional booster along with the super heavy bamboo fleece soaker. 

-2 wing snaps. 2 rows for sizing. 

Size 1

-Fits right out of the Just Born diaper. 

-Starting at about 11 pounds using fold down rise (FDR) to about 30 pounds depending on the baby.

-Narrower wings. 12 belly panel snaps. Shorter rise than size 2.

-FDR is automatically installed. 

-Stay dry soaker system available.

Size 2

-Fits from about 15 pounds to about 40 pounds into the toddler years. 

-FDR is automatically installed. 

-Slightly wider wings. 14 belly panel snaps. Longer soaker system and higher rise. 

-Stay dry soaker system available.

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