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Caramel Polished

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 Natural Polished Baltic Amber Fashionable and safe relief for teething pain, discomfort and swelling. Your choice of screw or pop clasp! Baltic Amber has been used for its natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for centuries. Baltic Amber is not a stone, but a resin fossil from ancient trees native to the Baltic Region. Amber is intended to be worn directly against the skin. Through direct contact with the skin and body heat, amber trace amounts of succinic acid (a natural analgesic) is released, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. The authentic Baltic amber beads provide relief from side effects due to teething such as; flushed cheeks, skin, rash around mouth and neck, diaper rash, swollen gums, and fever.

 CAUTION Amber teething jewelry is NOT for chewing, is NOT a teething toy and is NOT to be put in your child's mouth! If properly sized, amber necklaces should not reach over a child's chin. If your child is able to get their necklace into their mouth then we recommend you save that size for when they're older and make sure to purchase the correct size for their current age. Like any other baby item, parent supervision is recommended at all time. Benefits can only occur when worn in constant contact with skin.

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